Biochemicals >>Cetylkonium chloride to 2-Chloroaniline

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Cetylkonium chloride to 2-Chloroaniline

Code Product Packing
RM1600 Cetylkonium chloride - (see:Benzyl -N-hexadecy ammonium chloride) - Store at 2-8ºC 25gm100 gm
RM1526 Cetyl Pyridinium Chloride ,Extra Pure - (See:1- Hexadacylpuridinum chlorideExtra pure) 100gm 1Kg
RM4867 N,N,N,N- Cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide A,R 100gm
RM2660 Chacone 100gm
RM1332 Charcoal activated powder,A.R - (see:Activated Charcoal Powder,A.R) 500gm 250gm 500gm 5Kg
RM227 Charcoal activated powder,A.R - (see: Activated charcoal powder ,L R.) 500gm 5Kg 20Kg
RM5571 Charcoal activated granular - (see: Activated Charcoal granular) 500gm 5Kg
RM1885 Charcoal ,iodized - For adsorption of Mercury 100gm
RM2045 Chelex - 100 Dry mesh 50-100 - Effective ph range 4-14 25gm
RM3305 Chelidamic acid 5gm
RM4128 Chelidonic acid 5gm
RM1662 Chenodexycholic acid 5gm
RM4129 Chicago blue ,certified ,c.i.no.24410 5gm
RM266 China blue,certified - (see: Anline blue,certified) 25gm
RM267 China blue , Spirit Soluble - (see: Anline blue ,spirit Soluble) 25gm 100gm
RM901 China blue,Practical grade - (see: Anlline blue practicle grade cotton blue ,Practical grade) 25gm 100gm
RM4130 China green ,Certified ,C.I no,42000 - (see:Anlline green certificate) 5gm
RM1356 Chitin - [see:Poly (N-acetyl -1-4-B-D-glucopyranosamine)] 100gm500gm
RM451 chilosamine hydrochloride - (see:D-(+)-Glucosamine hydrochloride) 25gm 100gm
RM1577 a-Chloralose 25gm
RM499 Chloramine T,trilhyrate, A.R - store between 2.8ºC 250gm
RM218 Chloramphenicol 5gm
RM1444 P-Chioranil - (see:Tetrachioro-P-benzoquibnone) 250gm
RM500 Cholrantine acid,A,R 25gm
RM4131 Chlorantine fast red,Certified ,C.I,no 25380 5gm
Rm4132 Chlorazole black E.Certified ,C.I.NO.30235 5gm
RM2495 Chlorfenac - (see:2,4,5-Trichlorophenoxyacetic acid Pottasium salt) 25gm
RM1659 Chlorhexidine diacetate salt 25gm
RM1223 Chlorinated lime ,practical grade - (see: Calcium hypochlorite,practical grade bleaching powder ,Practical grade) 500gm
RM2047 chlorinated acetaidehyde dimethyl acetal - (see: 1-chioro -2,2- -dimethozyethane) 500gm
RM2048 2-Chloracetamide 500gm
RM1527 P-Chioroacetanilide,A.R. 100gm
RM501 Chloracetic acid - (see: Monochloroacetic acid) 500gm
RM2049 2-chloroacetanilide 100gm
RM3299 Chloracetone 1Kg
RM2050 Chloroacetonitrile - store at 2-8ºC 100gm
RM4617 3-Chloracetophenone,98+% 5gm
RM2699 P-Chloroacetopheone 100ml 250ml 500ml
RM5707 2-Chloroaniline 500ml