Biochemicals >> Cellulose acetate butyrate to Cetyl alchol

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Cellulose acetate butyrate to Cetyl alchol

Code Product Packing
RM332 Cellulose powder - (For TLC) 500gm
RM4615 Cellulose CC-31 100gm
RM2042 Cellulose acetate butyrate 250gm
RM1665 Cellulose acetate strips - For electrophoresis 25 strips
RM2073 CM Cellulose CM-32 - For cation exchange 100gm
RM2074 Cellulose phosphate P-11 - For cation exchange 100gm
RM647 Cephalexin - (Cephalexin, hydrate) - Store at 2-8ºC 1gm
RM648 Cephalothin sodium salt - [see: 7 - (2-Thienylacetamido)-cephalo sporanic acid, sodium salt] - Store at 0-4ºC 1gm
RM649 Cephaloridine - Store at 0-4ºC 1gm
RM650 Cephazolin - Store at 2-8ºC 1gm
RM1193 Cepholaxime, Sodium salt - Store at 2-8ºC 1gm
RM426 Cerasin red, Certified - (see : Sudan III, Certified) 5gm, 25gm
RM991 Cerasin red, Practical grade - (see: Sudan III, Practical grade) 10gm, 25gm
RM297 Ceric ammonium nitrate, A.R. - (see: Ammonium ceric nitrate, A.R.) 100gm
RM1202 Ceric ammonium sulphate - (see: Ammonium ceric nitrate) 100gm
RM298 Ceric ammonium sulphate, dihydrate, A.R. - (see: Ammonium ceric sulphate, dihydrate, A.R.) 100gm
RM1203 Ceric ammonium sulphate dihydrate - (see: Ammonium ceric sulphate, dihydrate) 100gm
RM3314 Ceric nitrate 100gm
RM1442 Ceric oxide, A.R. - (Cerium (IV) oxide) 100gm, 500gm
RM1443 Ceric sulphate, tetrahydrate, A.R. 100gm, 1kg
RM5074 Cerium metal ingots 99.9% 25gm
RN3293 Cerium(III) chloride heptahydrate 50gm, 250gm
RM1441 Cerium (III) nitrate, hexahydrate, A.R. - (Cerous nitrate hexahydrate) 100gm
RM4121 Cerium silicide 98%
RM4122 Cerium stannate 99% 100gm
RM4123 Cerium (III) sulphide 25gm
RM3329 Cerous sulphate 100gm
RM4124 Cesium bromide 99.9% 25gm
RM3284 cesium Carbonate99.8%,A.R 25gm
RM330 Cesium chloride A.R 100gm 1KG
MB049 Cesium chloride for Molecular Biology 100gm 500gm
RM2044 Cesium dichromate,A.R 10gm
RM3302 Cesium fluoride 25gm
RM799 Cesium iodide Ultra pure ,99.995% 10gm 25gm
RM5076 Cesium nitrate 99.9% 25gm
RM3285 Cesium Sulphate99.8% A.R. 25gm, 100gm
RM4125 Cesium Sulphate99.999+% 10gm
RM2238 Cetane - (see:n-hexadecane) 100ml
RM5077 Cetomacrogol000 500gm
RM164 Cetrimide N-cetyl -N,N,N-trimethylammoniumbromide 100gm,500gm
RM5963 Cetyl alchol ,Extra pure 500gm 5Kg