Biochemicals >> Ochratoxin-A to Omega chroma red B

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Ochratoxin-A to Omega chroma red B

Code Product Packing
RM6126 Ochratoxin-A - (Phytotoxin) - Store at 2-8ºC 1mg
RM2355 Octacosane - (see: Alkane C28) 5gm
RM2932 n-octadecane 99%, A.R. - (see: Alkane C18, A.R.) 100ml
RM2356 n-Octadecane 100ml
RM1159 Octadecanoic acid, Extra pure - (see: Stearic anhydride, Extra pure for biochemistry) - Store at 0-4ºC 5gm,25gm
RM1756 Octadecanoic anhydride - (see: Stearic anhydride) - Store at 0-4ºC 5gm
RM2449 Octadecyl acrylate - (see: Stearyl acrylate) 250gm
RM3646 Octadecylsuccinic anhydride 250ml
RM4763 n-Octadecyltrichlorosilane, tech.85% 50gm
RM2357 2,2,3,3,4,4,5,5-Octafluoro-1-pentanol - (1H,1H,5H-Perfluoro-1-pentanol) 100gm
RM2358 n-Octane, A.R. 100ml
RM1757 Octanedioic acid - (see: Suberic acid) 100gm
RM6127 1,8-Octanediol 98+% - (1,8-Dihydroxyoctane) 100gm
RM1549 1-Octane sulphonic acid, sodium salt, - Extra pure for HPLC 5gm,25gm
RM3648 n-Octanoic acid - (see: capryl acid) 500ml
RM2933 1-Octanol - (see: Capryl alcohol) 500ml
RM2934 2-Octanol 500ml
RM5368 2-Octanone - (see: Hexyl methyl ketone) 500ml
RM5369 3-Octanone - (see: Ethyl pentyl ketone) 100gm
RM6128 n-Octyl benzene 99% - (1-Phenyloctane) 25gm
RM2147 n-Octyldimethylamine - (see: DMOA, N,N-Dimethyl-n-octylamine) 10gm,50gm
RM5370 Octyl methoxy cinnamate 100gm
RM2359 p-Octyphenyl-2chloro-4-p-heptyl-benzlyloxy benzoate 5gm
RM1734 Octyl sulphate, sodiu salt for HPLC - (see: Sodium octyl sulphate) 1gm,5gm
RM4764 n-Octylamine, 98% 500ml
RM1609 Oestrone - (see: Estrone, Follicolin) 1 gm
RM6358 Oil of castor 500 ml
2.5 It
RM6359 Oil of eucalyptus 250 ml
RM6360 Oil of olive 100ml, 250ml
RM6361 Oil of peppermint 100ml, 500ml
RM358 Oil red O, Certified 10 gm, 25 gm
RM4406 Oil red 48, Certified 5 gm
RM427 Oil red IV, Certified - (see: Sudan IV, Certified) 5 gm, 25 gm
RM992 Oil red IV, Practical grade - (see: Sudan IV, Practical grade) 10 gm, 25 gm
RM652 Oleandomycin phosphate 1gm
RM5371 Oleic acid for biochemistry - Store at 2 -8ºC 5 ml
RM6129 Oleyl alcohol 500ml
RM6130 Oligomycin - Store aat 20ºC 5mg
RM4407 Omega chroma red B, Certified 5gm