Biochemicals >>Cocarboxylase (chloride) to Copper (II) nitrate trihydrate

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Cocarboxylase (chloride) to Copper (II) nitrate trihydrate

Code Product Packing
RM343 Cocarboxylase (chloride) - (see: Thiamine pyrophosphate hydrochloride) - Store at 0-4ºC 1gm
RM1288 Cocculin, Extra pure - (see: Picrotoxin, Extra pure) 1gm
RM4154 Cochineal red A, Certified, C.I.No. 16255 5gm
RM1253 Coenzyme A, trilithium salt - Store at 0ºC 100mg
RM5752 Coenzyme Q10 for Biochemistry - (Q-10; Ubiquinone-10; Ubiquinone-50) - Store at-20ºC 1gm,25gm
RM4155 Coerulein S, Certified, C.I.No.45510 5gm
RM342 Colchicine 1gm,10gm
RM222 Colistin sodium methane sulphonate - 2,50,000 units/vial - Store at 0-4ºC 1vl
RM2075 Collagenase - Store below-18ºC 100mg
RM1658 2,4,6-Collidine - (See; 2,4,6-Trimethylpyridine) - Store at 2-8ºC 100ml,500ml
RM4156 Colloidal graphite (in water) 100gm
RM2076 Colophony Resin 500gm
RM4157 Concanavalin A 25mg, 100mg
RM508 Congo red, Certified 25m
RM927 Congo red, Practical grade 25gm,100gm,1kg
RM1219 Coomassie brilliant blue G - (see: Brilliant blue G) 5gm,25gm
RM344 Coomasie brilliant blue R-250, Certified - (See: Brilliant blue R-250, Certified) 25gm
RM3045 Copper metal foil, A.R., 0.1mm thick 500gm
RM3044 Copper metal foil, Pure, 0.1mm thick 500gm
RM720 Copper metal powder - (Electrolytic) 500gm
RM5115 Copper metal ingot 9998% 179gm
RM5116 Copper metal wire 0.025mm dia 99.9985% "Puratronic" 10ml
RM1360 Copper (II) acetate, monohydrate, A.R. - (See:Cupric acetate, monohydrate, A.R.) 250gm
RM628 Copper (II) acetate, monohydrate, Pure - (See:Cupric acetate, monohydrate, Pure) 250gm,500gm
RM2077 Copper (II) bromide - (Cuprous bromide) 100gm,500gm
RM2078 Copper bronze 100gm
RM5114 Copper carbonate on silica catalyst 4-10 mesh 100gm
RM1361 Copper (II)Chloride, dihydrate, A.R. 500gm
RM1051 Copper (II)chloride, dihydrate, Extra pure - (See: Cupric chloride, dihydrate, Extra pure) 500gm
RM1307 Copper (II)chloride, anhydrous 500gm
RM1579 Copper chromite - (Copperchromium oxide) 100gm,500gm
RM4159 Copper diiron tetroxide Copper (II) ethyl hexanoate
RM3271 Copper (II) ethyl hexanoate 25gm
RM2081 Copper (II) ethylenediamine (solution) - M.Ratio - (Ratio Ethylenediamine/Copper 1.96/2.04) 250ml, 1lt
RM4158 Copper gauze 500gm
RM721 Copper (II) hydroxide carbonate 500gm
RM4160 Copper (II) hydroxide phosphate 500gm
RM1362 Copper (II)iodide, Extra pure - (See:Cuprous iodide, Extra pure) 100gm,500gm
RM675 Copper (II) nitrate, trihydrate, A.R. - (See: Cupric nitrate, trihydrate, A.R.) 500gm
RM1363 Copper (II) nitrate, trihydrate, Extra pure - (See: Cupric nitrate, trihydrate, Extra pure) 500gm