Biochemicals >> Idoxuridine to Indole-2-carboxylic acid

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Idoxuridine to Indole-2-carboxylic acid

Code Product Packing
RM563 Idoxuridine, Crystalline 500mg 1gm
RM5975 IgG from murine serum reagent Gr 95% 10mg
RM5258 Igepal CO-36 500gm
RM5976 4-(Imidazol-1-yl) phenol 97% 5gm
RM1864 Imidazole, A.R. 100gm 500gm
RM559 Imidazole 100gm 500gm 5kg
MB019 Imidazole for Molecular Biology 25gm
RM3530 Imidazole-2-carboxaldehyde 5gm
RM2183 2-Imidazolidone 500gm
RM1567 Iminodiacetic acid 250gm
RM5977 Iminodiacetonitrile 100gm
RM2873 Iminodibenzyl 25gm 100gm
RM2259 3,3-Iminodipropionitrile for G.C. 25gm
RM1913 2-Imino-4-thiobiruet 25gm 100gm
RM225 2-Immersion oil 30gm 125gm
RM5978 Immuno assay stabilizer 50ml
RM3520 2-Indanol 25gm
RM4716 1-Indanone, 99+% 5gm
RM3523 2-Indanone 5gm
RM5259 Indian ink 23ml
RM2260 Indigo 100gm
RM383 Indigo Carmine, Certified 25gm 100gm 1kg
RM1121 Indium ingots, Extra oure 99.9% 10gm
RM5260 Indium metal wire 1mm dia 99.999% 1mtr wt 5.74gm/mtr 1mt
RM5261 Indium metal wire "puratronic" 1.6mm dia 99.9985%wt 15gm/mtr 1mt
RM5262 Indium/tin shot 75/25% 10gm
RM1122 Indium (III) oxide, Extra pure 10gm 25gm
RM5979 Indium Oxide 10gm
RM1123 Indium sulphate, hydrate, Pure 10gm 25gm
RM824 Indole 10gm 100gm
RM384 Indole-3-acetic acid 5gm 25gm 100gm
RM385 Indole-3-butyric acid 5gm 25gm 100gm
RM4875 Indole-3-carbinol 5gm
RM5980 Indole-5-carbonitrile 5gm
RM2874 Indole-3-carboxaldehyde 25gm
RM3515 Indole-2-carboxylic acid 10gm