Biochemicals >> Dehydroacetic acid to Dextrose anhydrous AR

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Dehydroacetic acid to Dextrose anhydrous AR

Code Product Packing
RM512 Dehydroacetic acid, Free acid 100gm
RM513 Dehydroacetic acid, sodium salt 100gm
RM2088 7-Dehydrocholestrol 1gm, 5gm
RM2089 Dehydroacetic acid, 100gm
RM5124 Deltapurpurin certified 5gm
RM527 Demeclocycline hydrochloride 1gm
RM2729 Denatonium benzoate 1gm
RM354 2-deoxyadenosine 1gm, 5gm
RM3394 Deoxybenzoin 100gm, 500gm
RM763 2-deoxycytidine, Extra pure - (Free acid) 1gm
RM355 2-deoxycytidine hydrochloride 1gm
RM1229 2-Deoxy-D-glucose 1gm
RM3358 2-deoxyguanosine 100gm 1gm
RM3359 2-deoxyinosine 250mg, 1gm
RM062 6-Deoxy-L-mannose, monohydrate - (see : L(+) Rhamnose, monohydrate) 5gm, 25gm
RM2090 Deoxyribonuclease I (DN-25) - Store at - 18ºC 100mg, 1gm
RM511 Deoxyribonucletic acid, sodium salt - (see : DNA, sodium salt) - From Herring sperm free acid not highly polymerised - Store at 2 - 8ºC 10gm, 25gm
RM362 Deoxyribonucleic acid, sodium salt - (see : DNA, sodium salt) - From calf thymus, highly polymerised - Store at - 8ºC 500mg
RM452 2-Deoxy-D-ribose - (2-Deoxy-D-erythropentose) - Store at 2 - 8ºC 1gm, 5gm
RM442 2-Deoxyribose thymidine - (see : thymidine) 1gm, 5gm
RM3362 3'-Deoxythmidine - (see : 2,3-Dideoxythymidine) - Store at 0ºC 25mg
RM4184 2'-Deoxyuridine 250mg, 1gm
RM1765 Dermotricine - (Tyroderm) - (see : Tyrothricin) - Poypeptide mixture of gramicidin and tyrodidine, extracted from Bacillus brevis 1gm
RM2731 Desoxycholic acid 100gm
RM1669 DL - Desthiobiotin - (see : 5-Methyl-2-oxo-4-imidazoline -caproic acid) - Store at 2 - 8ºC 1gm
RM2732 Devarda's alloy, A.R. 250gm
RM4185 Dexamethasone 1gm
RM736 Dextran MW 10,000 - Store at 2 - 8ºC 5gm, 25gm
RM2734 Dextran MW 60,000 to 90,000 25gm
RM2733 Dextran MW 150,000 to 200,000 25gm
RM864 Dextran MW 5,000,000 to 40,000,000 5gm, 25gm
RM4187 Dextran T-500 25gm, 100gm, 500gm
RM857 Dextran sulphate, sodium salt 5gm, 25gm, 100gm
RM523 Dextrin white Bacteriological 100gm, 1kg
RM099 Dextrin whith, Technical 500gm
RM077 Dextrose, anhydrous, A.R. - (see : D-(+) Glucose, anhydrous, A.R.) 500gm, 5kg