Biochemicals >> Domiphen bromide to Dysprosium oxide AR

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Domiphen bromide to Dysprosium oxide AR

Code Product Packing
RM4231 n-Dodecyl triphenylphosphonium bromide 10gm
RM2800 Domiphen bromide 25gm
RM361 DL-DOPA - (see : DL-3,4-Dihydroxyphenylalanine) 5gm 25gm 100gm
RM360 L-DOPA - (see : L-3,4-Dihydroxyphenylalanine) 5gm
RM3347 Dopamine hydrochloride 1gm 5gm 25gm
RM769 Dormine, ABA - (see : Abscisc acid) Store at 2-8ºC 100mg 500mg
RM2801 Dotriacontane 5gm
RM2802 Dowex 1x2 50-100 mesh 250gm
RM2803 Dowex 1X2 100-200 mesh 250gm
RM2804 Dowex 1X2 200-400 mesh 250gm
RM2805 Dowex 1X8 50-100 mesh 250gm
RM2806 Dowex 1X8 100-200 mesh 250gm
RM2807 Dowex 1X8 200-400 mesh 250gm
RM2807 Dowex 50WX2 50-100 mesh 250gm
RM2171 Dowex 50WX2 50-100 mesh - (Cation exchanger) H+ form; strongly acidic 250gm
RM2809 Dowex 50WX2 100-200 mesh 250gm
RM2810 Dowex 50WX4 200-400 mesh 250gm
RM2811 Dowex 50WX4 100-200 mesh 250gm
RM2812 Dowex 50WX4 200-400 mesh 250gm
RM2813 Dowex 50WX8 50-100 mesh 250gm
RM2814 Dowex 50WX8 100-200 mesh 250gm
RM2815 Dowex 50WX8 200-400 mesh 250gm
RM526 Doxyxyxline hydrochloride Store at 2-8ºC 1gm
RM3418 Drierite indicating type 10-20 mesh 500gm
RM5867 Drierite white (8 mesh) 454gm
RM100 Dulcitol - (Dulcite) (see : Galactitol) 25gm 100gm
RM4232 Duroquinone 97% 5gm
RM5175 Dysprosium metal powder 99.9% 5gm
RM1564 Dysprosium oxide, A.R. 99.9% 5gm