Biochemicals >> Trifluoroacetic acid methyl ester TO 2, 3, 4-Trihydroxyacetophenone

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Trifluoroacetic acid methyl ester TO 2, 3, 4-Trihydroxyacetophenone

Code Product Packing
RM2334 Trifluoroacetic acid methyl ester 250gm
RM6279 Trifluoroacetic acid for spectroscopy 25ml 100ml
RM2993 Trifluoroacetic anhydride 100gm
RM5484 1,1,1-Trifluoro-2-butanone 5gm
RM4886 2,2,2-Trifluoroethylamine hydrochloride 5gm
RM3740 Trifluoromethane sulphonic acid 50gm
RM3762 Trifluoromethane sulphonic anhydride 50gm
RM4825 Trifluoromethanesulphonyl chloride, 98% 25gm
RM3748 4-Trifluoromethoxybenzylbromide 1gm 5gm
RM3789 4-Trifluoromethoxyphenol 5gm
RM1915 4-(Trifluoromethyl) aniline 5gm, 25gm
RM3777 3-Trifluoromethylbenzaldehyde 5gn 25gm
RM3775 4-Trifluoromethylbenzaldehyde 5gm
RM5486 4-Trifluoromethyl benzamide 5gm
RM3778 4-Trifluoromethylbenzoic acid 1gm,5gm
RM4826 3-(Trifluoromethyl)benzoic acid, 98+% 10gm
RM4827 3-(Trifluoromethyl)benzophenone, 96% 5gm
RM3786 4-Trifluoromethylbenzophenone 1gm,5gm
RM6280 2-(Trifluoromethyl)benzylamine 98+% 5gm
RM4828 4-(Trifluoromethyl)benzylamine, 98% 5gm
RM5487 4-Trifluoromethylbenzyl chloride 5gm
RM5488 4-Trifluoro methyl benzyl bromide 5gm
RM4829 3-(Trifluoromethyl)benzyl chloride, 98% 5gm
RM5484 1,1,1-Trifluromethyl ethyl ketone 5gm
RM4830 Trifluoromethyl iodide, 97% 25gm
RM3779 2-Trifluoromethylphenyl acetic acid 1gm,5gm
RM2994 3-(Trifluoromethyl)phenylacetic acid 10gm
RM4831 2-(Trifluoromethyl)phenylacetonitrile, 97% 1gm
RM5489 4-Trifluoromethyl-1,2-phenylenediamine 5gm
RM5490 4-Trifluoromethylphenyl hydrazine 5gm
RM5491 1,3-Trifluoromethylphenyl piperazine mono HCI 50gm
RM3739 2,3,4-Trifluoronitrobenzene 5gm,25gm
RM3758 1,1,1-Trifluoro-2,4-pentanedione 5gm,25gm
RM6281 (3,3,3-Trifluoropropyl) mehtyl dichloro silane 100gm
RM1970 α,α,α-Trifluorotoluene 500ml
RM5487 α,α,α-Trifluoro-p-toluyl chloride 5gm
RM2994 α,α,α-Trifluoro-m-tolyl acetic acid 10gm
RM5490 α,α,α-Trifluoro-p-tolylhydrazine 5gm
RM6282 Tri-n-hexylamine 97% 250gm
RM2832 2,3,4-Trihydroxyacetophenone 25gm
RM170 1,2,3-Trihydroxybenzene Pyrogallic acid 100gm 500gm