Biochemicals >> Sodium amide AR to Sodium chlorate

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Sodium amide AR to Sodium chlorate

Code Product Packing
RM29967 Sodium amide, A.R 100gm
RM2438 Sodium arsenate, A.R - (see: Dibasic heptahydrate, A.R:Arsenic acid sodiumsalt, A.R.) 250gm
RM3712 tri-Sodium arsenate 12 H2O, A.R 250gm
RM1847 Sodium-l-(+) ascorbate - (see: L-nAscorbic acid, sodium salt) 250gm,500gm
RM2645 Sodium-l(+)ascirbate - (see: L- Ascorbic acid, sodium salt) 100gm500gm
RM1038 Sodium azide, A.R. 100gm500gm
RM123 Sodium azide 100gm500gm
RM1643 Sodium benzenesulphonate - (see:Benzenesulphonic acid sodium salt) 25gm
RM1260 Sodium benzenesulphonate - (see:Benzenesulphonic acid sodium salt) 500gm
RM754 Sodium benzoate - (see:Benzoic acie,sodium salt, A.R) 500gm5kg
RM2439 Sodium berrrylium fluoride 25gm
RM447 Sodium bicarbonate - (see:sodium hydrogen carbonate) cell culture grade 100gm 500gm
RM849 Sodium bicarbonate, A.R. - (see: Sodium hydrogen carbonate, Extra pure) 500gm1kg
RM253 Sodium bicarbonate, Ertra pure - ( see; Sodium hydrogen carbonate, Extra pure) 500gm1kg5kg
MB045 Sodium bicarbonate for Molecular Biology 100gm500gm
RM753 Sodium bichromate, dihydrate - (see:Sodium dichromate, dihydrate) 500gm
RM256 Soidum biphosphate, dihydrate - (see:Monosodium orthoposphate dihdratr,Extra pure; Sodium dihydrogen orthophosphate,Extra Pure. 500gm,5kg
RM154 Sodium biselentile, Bactriological grade - (see: Sodium hydrogen selenite) 100gm,1kg
RM3720 Sodium-bis-2-methoxyethoxy alunium hydride 70% in toluene 250gm
RM1755 Sodium bismuthate (V), A.R - (see: Sodium trioxobismuthate (V), A.R.) 100gm
RM752 Sodium bisulphite monohydrate, Extra pure - (see: Sodium hydrogen sulphate monohydrate, extra pure) 500gm
Rm1878 sodium bisulphite , A.R. - (see: Sodium hudrogen sulphate A.R.) 500gm
Rm1284   Sodium bisulphate, Extra pure - (see:Sodium hydrogen sulphite ,Extra pure) 500gm
Rm840 Sodium borohydride - (see:Sodium tetrahydridoborate) 100gm,500gm,5kg
RM4479 Sodium bromate, A.R. 250gm
RM750 Sodium bromide, Extra pure 500gm
RM1175 Sodium -1-butanesulphonate for HPLC - (see:1-Butanesulphonic acid,Sodium salt) 5gm,25gm
RM2440 Sodium-tert-butoxide - Sodium-tert-butylate 100gm
RM3732 Sodium cacodylate 25gm,100gm
RM1575 Sodium caprylate, A.R - (see: Caprylic acid sodium salt,A.R) 250gm
RM3951 Sodium carbonate, anhydrous, ACS 500gm
RM851 Sodium Carbonate,anhydrous , A.R. - Soda ash 500gm,5kg
RM254 Sodium carbonate,anhydrous, Extra pure - soda ash 500gm,5kg
RM3952 Sodium Carbonate, monohydrate,ACS 500gm
RM1189 Sodium carbonate , monohydrate 500gm,5kg
RM4616 Sodium carbonate, monohydrade, A.R. 500gm
RM6213 Sodium chlorate 500gm