Biochemicals >> L-Proline methyl ester hydrochloride to Protamine sulphate

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L-Proline methyl ester hydrochloride to Protamine sulphate

Code Product Packing
RM2412 L-Proline methyl ester hydrochloride - Store at 2 -8ºC 1gm
RM5400 S-(+)-Prolinol - (see : (S)-(+)-2-Pyrrolidine methoanol) Store at 2-8ºC 5gm
RM1509 Propanedioic acid, A.R. - (see: Malonic acid, A.R.) 100gm, 250gm, 1kg
RM2954 1,3-Propanediol 250ml
RM5401 1,2-Propanediol diacetate - (see : Propylene glycol diacetate) 250gm
RM4783 1,3-Propanedithiol, 97% 25gm
RM2413 2- Propane sulphonic acid sodium salt for HPLC Store at 0-5ºC 5gm
RM6183 1-Propane sulphonic acid sodium salt - (Sodium-1-Propanesulphone) 25gm
MB063 2-Propanol - (Isopropyl alcohol) for Molecular Biology (AppliChem, Germany) 1lt
RM5380 Propargyl acetic acid - (see : 4-Pentynoic acid Store at 2-8ºC 5gm
RM3846 Propargyl bromide 80% in Toluene - Store at 2-8ºC 50gm
RM1906 cis-Propene-1,2,3-tricarboxylic acid - (see : cis-Aconitic acid) Store at 0ºC 1gm, 5gm
RM6184 Propidium iodide - Store at 2-8ºC 25gm
RM2955 b-Propiolactone - Store at 0-5ºC 100ml
RM2196 Propiolic acid ethyl ester - (see : Ethylacetylenecarboxylate, Ethyl propiolate) 25gm
RM2414 Propionaldehyde - (see : Aldehyde C3) 500ml, 2.5lt
RM3658 Propionic acid 500ml
RM3664 Propiontrile 500ml
RM4784 Propionylchloride, 97% 500ml
RM2415 Propiophenone - (see : Ethyl phenyl ketone: 1-Phenyl-1-propanone) 500ml
RM3691 4-Propoxypgenol 5gm, 25gm
RM4446 Propranolol hydrochloride 5gm
RM2416 n-Propyl benzoate - (see : Benzoic acid-n-propylester) 50gm, 250gm
RM2956 Propylenecarbonate 250ml
RM5401 Propyleneglycol diacetate - (see : 1,2-Propanediol diacetate) 250gm
RM837 n-Propylgallate 100gm, 500gm
RM1900 Propylparaben - (Propyl-4-hydroxybenzoate) 500gm
RM1290 Propylparaben, sodium salt - (n-Propyl-4-hydroxybenzoate, sodium salt) 500gm
RM6185 Propyl red, A.R. 5gm
RM4447 Propylurea 5gm
RM1484 Protamine sulphate 5gm
RM1842 Protein A Insoluble - Immunoadsorbent From Staphylococcus aureus Lyophilized cell powder containing approx. 20%polyvinyrrolidone (PVP) and 0.5% Sodium azid Binding capacity ; Minimum 4 mg human lgG bound per 100 mg solid. Store at 0ºC 500mg, 1gm
RM6187 Protein refolding optimizer - Store at 4-8ºC 10ml
RM2957 Proteinase K - Store at 0-5ºC 100mg