Biochemicals >>Barium sulphide to Benzyhydrylamine

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Barium sulphide to Benzyhydrylamine

Code Product Packing
RM1342 Barium sulphate, Extra pure 500gm, 2kg
RM1957 Barium sulfate, colloidal 500gm
RM3161 Barium sulphide yellow 100gm
RM3250 Barium titanate 500gm
RM2650 Basic blue 24 5gm
RM112 Basic fuchsin, Certified (see:Fuchsin basic, Certified) 10gm
RM1089 Basic fuchsin, Practical grade (see:Fuchsin basic, Practical grade) 25gm, 100gm, 1kg
RM1025 Basic red 1 chloride, Certified (see: Rhodamine 6G chloride, Certified) 10gm, 25gm
RM1483 Bathocuproin, A.R. 500mg
RM1598 Bathocuproin disulphonic acid, disodium salt, A.R. 1gm
RM1522 Bathophenanthroline, A.R. 1gm
RM1523 Bathophenanthrolilne disulphonic acid, di-sodium salt trihydrate, A.R. 500mg, 1gm
RM1958 B B O T for Scintillation [see: [2,5-Bis(5'tert-butyl-2-benzoxazoyl) thiophene; 2,5-Bis(5-tert butyl benzoxazole-2-YL) thiophene)] 5gm, 25gm
RM1213 Bees wax, white (for histology) 500gm
RM1959 Bees wax for G.C. 250gm
RM1960 Behenyl acrylate 100gm
RM785 Bentonite powder 500gm
RM2035 Benzaldehyde-4-carboxylic acid (see:4-Carboxy benezaldehyde, 4-Formylbenzoic acid; Terephthaladehydic acid) 50gm
RM3199 Benzaldehyde dimethylacetal 100gm
RM1961 Benzalkonium chloride (50% soln.) (see: Alklyl-benzyl-dimethylammonium chloride) 500ml
RM1345 Benzamide (see: Benzoic acid amide) 500gm, 5kg
RM1962 Benzamidine hydrochloride 25gm
RM1346 Benzanilide (see:N-Benzoylaniline) 100gm, 500gm
RM1963 1,2-Benzanthracene (Benz [a]anthracene) 1gm
RM5639 Benzanthrone, A.R. (7H-Benzanthracene-7-one) 100gm
RM2340 Benz [banthracene (2,3-Benzanthracene) (see:Naphthacene) 500mg
RM1591 Benzene arsonic acid, A.R. (see:Phenyl arsonic acid, A.R.) 25gm
RM1599 Benzene boronic acid (see:Phenyl boronic acid) 5gm, 50gm
RM1160 Benzene-1,4-dicarboxylic acid, Pure (see:Terephthalic acid, Pure) 500gm
RM822 1,4-Benzenediol (see:Quinol; Hydroquinone) 100gm, 500gm
RM2651 g-Benzene hexachloride (see:1,2,3,4,5,6-Hexachloro cyclohexane gamma isomer) 100gm
RM4993 Benzene selenic anhydride 5gm
RM2652 Benzene sulphonic acid 90% 500gm
RM1643 Benzenesulphonic acid sodium salt (see:Sodium benzenesulphonate) 25gm
RM5640 Benzenesulphonyl isocyanate 95% 5gm
RM5405 1,2,4,5-Benzenetetracarboxylic anhydride (seePyromelitic dianhydride) 100gm
RM4994 1,2,4,5-Benzenetetramine tetrahydrochloride 1gm, 5gm
RM3210 1,3,5-Benzene tricarbonyl chloride 25gm
RM1585 Benzethonium chloride (see:Hyamine 1622) 100gm, 250gm
RM3214 Benzhydrol 500gm
RM4970 Benzyhydrylamine (see:Amino diphenyl methane) 25gm