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Tray Dryer
Tray Dryer

Tray Drier/Tray Dryer

« It is a double walled unit mounted on a sturdy angle iron frame. Inner and outer made up of heavy M.S. sheet with outer dully hammertone painted and inner with high temperature aluminium paint.
« The gap between two walls is filled with high-grade glass woll to minimize thermal loss. Brackets to support the heavily laden drying trays at adjustable height are provided on the sides of inner walls.
« Heating is brought about by strip type air heaters, and each heater is an independent unit which can be easily replaced in event of failure.
« Temperature range from ambient to 250°C is controlled by with an accuracy of ± 1°C Ventilation is provided with adjustable opening at the top to exhaust the fumes or vapors produced during processing.
« A heavy duty 'V' belt driven motor suitable capacity provides forced air circulation so as to ensure uniform heating throughout the inner chamber.
« A separate control panel is fitted to the chamber with individual control for ON/OFF and air circulating fan.
« Fitted with GERMAN Thermostat and Aluminium Trays and M.S. Trolly.
« Temperature range 500°C to 250°C ± 5°C.

Size (w x d x h) Tray Capacity Extra Shelf
(a) 43 x 84 x 91 cm 12 5 KW
(b) 91 x 84 x 91 cm 24 8 KW
(c) 96 x  127 x 145 cm 48 12 KW
(d) 96 x 170 x 170 cm 96 22 KW

Optional Accessories

(a) Additional Standard Tray of size 800 x 400 x 30 mm
(b) Digital Temperature indicator cum Controller
(c) Automatic 0-24 Hrs. IMPORTED timer
(d) Automatic 0-24 Hrs. Timer with BUZZER
(e) Automatic 0-120 minutes GERMAN Timer
(f) Additional door arrangement on back side