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Tissue Culture Racks
Tissue Culture Rack

Tissue Culture Rack

Made out of tubular Aluminium or mild steel pipe dully painted for longer life. Each rack of size 48" x 21" (Depth) is covered with thick unbreakable plexi glass. Distance between each rack is 15%. EACH RACK is fitted with 4 flourescent tubes and 4 bulbs.

(a) Unit of four racks with 1 6 tubes and 1 6 bulbs & 4 U.V. Lights
(b) Unit of five racks with 20 tubes and 20 bulbs & 5 U.V. Lights
(c) Unit of six racks with 24 tubes and 24 bulbs & 6 U.V. Lights

Optional Accessories

(a) Automatic 0-24 Hrs. timer to regulate cyclic illumination Conditions
(b) Lux Meter to measure light intensity in Lux Range 50,000 Lux