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Tissue Homogenizers

Tissue Homogenizer

Tissue Homogenizer Electrically Operated

Stainless Steel rod is fitted with Teflon pestle and grinding vessel of borosil glass. Fitted with 1/20 H.P. 4000 RPM AC/DC Motor with a speed regulator. Fitted on a heavy cast iron base. To work on 220/230VoltsAC.

(a) 5 ml. (b) 10ml. (c) 30 ml. (d) 50 ml. (e) 100 ml.

Optional Accessories
(a) Spare Teflon Tissue Grinder with S.S. rod and glass tube

Capacity: (a) 5 ml. (b) 10ml. (c) 30 ml. (d) 50 ml. (e) 100 ml. (b) S.S. stirring rod with S.S. Blade (Only for units fitted with drill chuck) so as to use the main unit as a lab. Stirrer
(c) Automatic 0-60 minute GERMAN Timer