Physics Apparatus >> Sound - Tuning Fork Welch, Sonometer, Melde's Apparatus
Code Description
1513. Tuning Fork Welch Type: Heavy, Set of 8, in velvet case.
1514. Tuning Fork: Set of 8, in velvet case. Per set. Light.
1515. Rubber Pads: For Tuning Fork
1516. Rubber Hammer: For Tuning Fork
1517. Sonometer: With 2 riders and 3 wires.
1518. Sonometer: As above, but TEAK WOOD.
1519. Knife Edge:
1520. Resonance Column Apparatus: 8891. Brass Pipe 1”. With Brass reservoir
1521. Deluxe Resonance Column Apparatus:
Superfine quality, Powder coated stand base, 32 mm (1 ¼”) dia Resonance tube of SS, SS reservoir & particle board, permanent scale
1522. Wave Motion Apparatus:
8901. For demonstrating longitudinal and transverse motion
1523. Melde’s Apparatus:
Complete with Electric tuning Fork
1524. Reflection of Sound Apparatus: Large size, SS Tubes.