Physics Apparatus >> Daniel Cell, Leclanche Cell, Copper Voltmeter
Daniel Cell, Leclanche Cell, Copper Voltmeter
Code Description
1432. Daniel Cell:
Complete, with jointless copper vessel, Porous pot and Zinc rod
1433. Spare Daniel Cell Copper Vessel: Size 5.25 x 3.5”
1434. Daniel Cell: Electronic
1435. Lechlanche cell: Complete with filled porous pot and Zinc rod
1436. Spare Pot Glass
1437. Lechlanche cell: Electronic
1438. Copper Plates: Spare, with terminal, thick
1439. Zinc rod: Spare, with improved terminals
1440. Zinc Plate: With terminals
1441. Porous Pots:
Filled (Superior)
1442. Copper Voltameter:
Three Copper plates suspended from bakelite cover, in glass jar
1443. Copper Voltameter:
Without glass jar
1444. Crocodile Clips (Battery Clip): Per pair
1445. Ebonite rod: Length 12”.
1446. Glass rod: For Electricity experiments, 12”
1447. Electric Motor: Working model with Newton colour Disc
1448. Electric Call Bell: Working Model (Demonstration type)
1449. Dynamo Model: Wheel type working model