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Rotary High Vacuum Pump
Rotary High Vacuum Pump

Rotary High Vacuum Pump

• Vacuum Pumps are mounted on a heavy steel base plate, and have a wide range of oil sealed pumps.
• Fitted with heavy-duty electric motor, all pumps are V-Belt driven at a speed of 400 RPM.
• Pumps are fabricated out of high grade cast iron and are worked on sophisticated machines to give accuracy in microns, thus leading to very high-sustained vacuum.
• Supplied in single stage or double stage models. As a safety device all vacuum pumps are fitted with belt guard as a standard feature.
• To work on 220/230 volts A.C. Supply. With Perfect / Crompton Motor

Capacity Motor
(a) 25 Ltr/min 0.25 H.P
(b) 50 Ltr/min 0.25 H.P
(c) 75 Ltr/min 0.25 H.P
(d) 100 Ltr/min 0.50 H.P
(e) 150 Ltr/min 0.50 H.P
(f) 200 Ltr/min 1.00 H.P
(g) 300 Ltr/min 1.00 H.P

Optional Accessories  

(a) Moisture Trap
(b) Vacuum Gauge with regulator
(c) Air Ballast
(d) Non Return Valve