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Rotary Flask Shaker With DC Motor

Rotary Flask Shaker With DC Motor

Designed for continuous shaking of solutions in Erlenmeyer Flasks from 50ml to 1000 ml capacity. It is a compact bench type tabletop model with platform fitted with rubber discs mounted on ball bearing crank shafts to give an orbital motion to the flasks, within a diameter of approximately 2" . The motor is coupled by means of a V-belt with pitch pulley, and is mounted on a heavy and sturdy angle iron frame. To work on 220 / 230 volts A.C. Supply. Fixed speed models have a preset shaking peed of approximately 180 r.p.m. Fitted with heavy duty DC DRIVEN MOTOR with a VARIAC (AUTO TRANSFORMER) for speed control from 50-250 r.p.m.

Plate Form Size Holding Capacity
(a) 30 x 30 cm 6 Flask of 25 ml
(b) 45 x 45 cm 49 Flask of 50 ml
(c) 45 x 45 cm 36 Flask of 100 ml
(d) 45 x 45 cm 25 Flask of 250 ml
(e) 45 x 45 cm 16 Flask of  500 ml
(f) 45 x 45 cm 9 Flask of 250 ml
(g) 55 x 55 cm 25 Flask of 500ml
(h) 55 x 55 cm 16 Flask of 500 ml
(i) 65 x 65 cm 36 Flask of 250 ml
(j) 65 x 65 cm 25 Flask of 500 ml
(k) 90 x 90 cm 48 Flask of 250 ml
(l) 120 x 120 cm 100 Flask of 500 ml
(m) 150 x 150 cm As per requirement

Optional Accessories

(a) Spare platform having any configuration other than the one supplied with the unit (Kindly mention the capacity of flasks)

Size: 45 x 45cm, 55 x 55cm, 65 x 65cm, 105 x 105 cm