Laboratory Instruments >>Pensky Marten Type - Flash Point Apparatus

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Pensky Marten Type - Flash Point Apparatus

Designed as per IP-34, ASTMD-93 and IS 1448 (Part i) and IS 1209-1953 method B. It is use for determination of close cup flash points of fuel, oils, other viscous material and suspension of solids.
Useful for both low range as well as high range flash points of samples using different thermometers IP-15C or IP-16C respectively.
The cover with spring operated rotating shutter having Oil Test Jet Flame Device, Stirrer with flexible shaft.
The Assembly rests in Air Bath which is covered with Dome shape metal top. The cup is fitted with insulated Handle and locking arrangement near Cup flange.

The assembly energy regulator. Suitable to work on 220 volts AC supplied with one thermometer.

(a) Same as above with voltage varrier

Optional Accessories
(a) Variable speed motor stirrer with flexible shaft.