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Flocculator - Jar Testing Apparatus

Flocculator has been specially designed for use in water treatment plants to correctly estimate the dosing of alum and such other coagulants for treatment of water and sewage.
In provides identical test conditions for all samples.
Illumination base consists of fluorescent tube mounted below translucent plastic plate to provide diffused cold light  through floc samples.
Flocculator consists of heavy duty DC DRIVEN variable speed motor heaving speed from 20 to 180 RPM with built in speed control.
Stainless steel stirring rods are provided with adjustable spacers to adjust the depth of stirring paddles.
The stirring shaft can be removed without disturbing others stirrers.
This unit is supplied without beakers to work on 220 volts. A.C

Capacity: 1 LIT 2 LIT
(a) For Two Stirrers (b) For Four Stirrers (c) For Six Stirrers

Optional Accessories
(a) Attachment for feeding dose to all the stirring units simultaneously