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Hydraulic - Ring Press for Pallets of Graphite
ML – 214
Ring Press (Hydraulic)
Used for making pallets of graphite or Infra Red transmitting materials. For elemental analysis of Cement, lags or Refractoriness by X-ray Fluorescence or Emission Spectrometry, the samples are mixed with graphite powder and pallets are made in the Ring Press, compressing at desired pressures. The pallets are suitable for placing in the analyzing instruments. Similarly, in the analysis of samples in the powder form by the Infra Red Spectrophotometers, these are mixed with NaCl or IR transmitting materials and pallets made as above and placed in the instruments for analysis.
The Ring Press is a portable bench model and can be used on a sturdy tabletop. It is fitted with a load measuring gauge calibrated for 0 - 250 KN and also fitted with a pressure release valve for removing pallets. It is supplied with dies for different pallet sizes, according to the requirements.
Essential Extras
Pallet Die, 10 mm dia
Pallet Die, 13 mm dia
Pallet Die, 15 mm dia
Pallet Die, 20 mm dia
Pallet Die, 25 mm dia
Pallet Die, 40 mm dia
Pallet Die, 45 mm dia
Sample Ejector for Pallet Dies