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Walk-in Humidity Cum Environmental Chambers
Walk-in Humidity Cum Environmental Chambers

Walk-in Humidity Cum Environmental Chambers

Model No YSI - 458

Temperature range 10ºC to 60ºC ± 2ºC and relative humidity range ambient to 95% ±3%. Solid state temperature controllder cum indicator digital procides temp. control.

Latest range of YORCO Walk-in-Humidity-cum-Environmental chamber is to set new standards for reliability in the field of high humidity low temperature environmentaql conditions, designed for vast application for stroing and research work by creating all atmospheric conditions inside the chamber to accelerate the work.

Construction:- Robust construction. Outer body is made fromn quality M.S. sheet duly pretreated and finished with epoxy paint, caster wheel provided for esy monbility. Inner chamber is made of stainlesws steel.

Provision is made for shelves inside the chamber which are adjustable. Space between outer body and inner chamber are filled with glass wool/. Intermediate wall air circulation is made of G.I. Sheet.

Doors is also insulated with glass wool betweeb its inner and outer surface. Double walled door with a gasket, seals the inner cyhamber from outside air. Glass window allows inspection nof samples without disturbing temperature of the chamber. 3 or 4 Stainless Steel adjustable shelves are provided. Air ventilation and arrangements to introduce fresh air supply are provided.

Heating/Cooling System:- Finned type heating elements and evaporator for cooling is fixed in the air path. Air us circulated by blower, ensyring forced air circulation to achieve uniformity of temperature. Cooling is achieved by hernmetically sealed air cooled compressor of reputed make. Humidity is achieved by humidification system & is controlled by humidistat.

Arrangement exist for increasing the humidity & not decreasing the humidity, in the standard equipment. Dehumidification system is provided as optional. Safety provision given to cut off supply in case of failure of temp. control system.

Illumination:- Illumination of 12000 lux approx. is achieved by fluorescent tupes wqually distributed inside the chanber and two inported automatic 24 hours timers control their working during day and night. Control Panel houses all controls for temperature humidity, illumination timers. indicator lights, switches ect. Volts, 50 Hz,Single Phase, Ac supply.

Inner Chamber Size:-1 x 1 x 1 meter

Optional Accessories:- 3KVA Stabilizer.

YSI-459 Same as YSI-458 but temperature range from 10º to 80ºC