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V.D.R.L Rotator - Fitted with Timer for Agglutination Test, Blood Grouping Test fir Mixing of Solutions in Small Flasks, Beakers & Bottles
V.D.R.L Rotator

V.D.R.L Rotator

For V.D.R.L. and other agglutination test, blood grouping test and for mixing of solutions in small flasks, beakers and bottles. The rotator having a large platform of size 300 x 300 mm which can take concave slides, blood bottles and flasks by use of spring holder. It runs at fixed 180 R.P.M. An imported 0-1 Hr timer is fitted to control the shaking duration. Supplied complete with cord and plug.

Suitable to work on 220 V, single phase, 50 Hz Ac supply.