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Tray Dryer

Tray Dryer

Model No YSI- 436T

Suitable for heat treatment, baking and drying applications in Industries or Institutes engaged in the production of Vaccines. Tablets, Bottle Sterilizing, Baking Breads or Biscuits, Drying Chemicals, PCB Processing, Armature Windings, Soaking electronic components like Yoke, Coils EHT Coils, Transformers etc.

Construction:- The construction is double walled on sturdy angle iron frame with both inner and outer walls of thick PCRC sheet which is duly pretreated for surface treatment & finished with powder coated paint. The innder wall is painted with high temp. aluminium paint to withstand long duration heating cycles normally required in industrial applicaitons, and the outer wall is finished with powder coated paint. The 75 mm gap between the two walls is filled with high grade glass wool insulation to prevent loss of heat and thereby saving energy. Air is circulated by a heavy duty blower to maintain inside temperature uniforrmity with a minimum temperature gradient throughout the working chamber. Brackets to support the heavily laden perforated trays at different height are provided on the sides of the inner chamber. The front door with sturdy hinges are also double-walled with gap between the two walls filled-in with high grade glass wool insulation. The door also have system to prevent opening.

Heating:- Heating is done by Tubular air heaters placed in the moving air path. These are interlocked with blower. Ventilation with adjustable opening on the top facilities fleeing of any fumes or vapor s produced during the process.

Temperature Control:- The temperature is controlled by fine capillary hydraulic type imported thermostat with an accuracy of 5ºC over a range of 50ºC to 250ºC ± 5ºC. Temperature is indicated by Dial Thermometer. The equipment is tested for continuous performance & safe operation in out most modern testing laboratory. It is securely packed to avoid any transit damage during despatch.

Control Panel:- The control panel include a Main switch to ON/OFF the unit, mains indicator, a dial type thermometer, Temperature control knob of thermostat is calibrated in the factory after actually observing the temperature in steady state.

Power Supply:- The unit is supplied complete in all respect. It is suitable to work on 220 V, 50 Hz single phase or 440 V, three phase AC depending upon the size.

Optional Accessories:-
Digital Indicator in lieu of dial thermometer.
Temperature Indicator cum Controller Digital in lieu of thermostat & dial thermometer
Aluminium trays & M.S. Trolley.

Size of Inner chamber:-

W x H x D - Tray - Load

430 x 840 x 915 cms - 12 - 4KW
915 x 840 x 915 mm - 24 - 6KW
965 x 1275 1450 mm - 48 - 10KW
965 x 1700 x 1700 mm - 96 - 20KW