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Rotary Flask Shakers - Heavy Duty, Continous Rating with Speed Control

Rotary Flask Shakers - Heavy Duty, Continous Rating with Speed Control

For shaking solution in Glass Flasks in Research Institutions, Workshops, Chemical & Agriculture Laboratories. It is a compact unit. The heavy platform is fitted With rubber discs to hold Erlen Meyer Flasks for 50 ml. to 1000 ml. capacity. The paltform is mounted on ball bearing crankshafts to give an orbital circular motion to flasks. The diameter of the orbit is approximately 2". The entire assembly is mounted on a metal cassing which houses a motor coupled by means of V Belt with pitch pulley. The motor supplied is of CROMPTON/AUE or equivalent make.

Suitable to work on 220 volts, 1 Ph, 50 cycles, AC supply.

Available in following sizes :-

Platform Size - Holding Capacity - HP (Motor)

65 cm x 65 cm - 36 flask of 250 ml - 0.2 hp
100 cm x 100 cm - 81 flask of 250 ml - 1.0 hp
105 cm x 105 cm - 81 flask of 500 ml - 1.0 hp
105 cm x 105 cm - 49 flask of 1000 ml - 1.0 hp