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Code Product Paking
SM211 Brain Heart Infusion Agar - recommended for cultivation of fastidious pathogenic bacteria, yeast and moulds. 5x100ml, 5x500ml
*LQ210 Brain Heart Infusion Agar - recommended for propagation of pathogenic cocci and other fastidious organisms assosiated with blood culture work and allied pathological investigations. 5x100ml, 5x500ml
SM1417 Hi Crome Listeria Agar Base , Modified Kit - a selective and differential agar medium recommended for rapid and direct identification of Listeria species Sterile, in glass bottles (Kit contains PartA:5 bottles of Hi Crome Listeria Agar Base , Modified (100ml each) and part B:5 vials of HiCrome Listria Selective Supplement ). Kit
SM081 MacConkey Agar - recommended for selective isolation and differentiation of coliform organisms and other enteric pathogens. 5x100ml, 5x500ml
SM082 MacConkey Agar - recommended for cultivation and differntiation of enteric bacteria, restricting swarming of Proteus species from specimens such as urine which may contain large number of Proteus species as well as potentially pathogenic gram positive organisms. 5x100ml, 5x500ml
SM173 Mueller Hinton Agar - recommended for cultivation of Neissria and for susceptiblity of microorganisms. 5x100ml, 5x500ml
SM0014 Nutrient Agar - recommended as general culture medium for cultivation of less fastidious microorganisms. 5x100ml, 5x500ml
SM091 Plate Count Agar - recommended for determination of plate counts of microorganisms ih food, water and waste specimens. 5x100ml, 5x500ml
SM096 Potato Dextrose Agar - recommended for isolation and enumaration of yeasts and moulds from dairy and other food products. 5x100ml, 5x500ml
SM290 Soyabean Casein Digest Agar - recommended as a general purpose medium for cultivation of wide variety of microorganisms. 5x100ml, 5x500ml
SM049E Violet Red Bile Glucose Agar - for selective isolation, detection and enumeration of Coli-aerogenes bateria in water, milk and other dairy food products. 5x100ml
** On request other dehydrated culture media also be considered for sterile ready prepared from production