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Code Product Packing
MB001 ACES N-[2-Acetamido]-2-aminoethane-sulphonic acid Granular crystals 5gm 25gm 100gm
MB051 Acetamide 100gm
MB052 Acetic acid 100% (Applichem, Germany) 500ml
MB053 Agram powder 100gm
MB002 Agarose Suitable for the biological processing of DNA (< 1,000 bp) in remelted gel 10gm 100gm
MB033 Ammonium acetate Store at 2-8ºC 100gm 500gm
MB054 Ammonium chloride 500gm
MB003 Ammonium persulphate 25gm 100gm 500gm
MB004 Ammonium sulphate 250gm 500gm
MB005 Bis-acrylamide (see : N,N'-Methylene-bisacrylamide, Ultra pure) 25gm 100gm
MB006 Bis-Tris (see : Bis[2-hydroxyethyl] iminotris [hydroxymethyl] methane) 25gm 100gm
MB007 Boric acid 500gm
MB055 1-Butanol (Applichem, Germany) 500ml
MB056 2-Butanol (Applichem, Germany) 500ml
MB034 Calcium chloride, dihydrate 100gm 500gm
MB008 CAPS (see : 3[Cyclohexylaminol]-1-propanesulphonic acid) 25gm 100gm
MB009 CAPS0 (see : 3-[Cyclohexylamino]-2-hydroxy-1-propanesulphonic acid) 25gm 100gm
MB049 Cesium chloride 100gm 500gm
MB035 Citric acid, trisodium salt, dihydrate 500gm
MB036 N',N-Dimethylformamide (DMF) 250ml
MB057 N,N-Dimethylformamide (Applichem, Germany) 500ml
MB058 Dimethyl sulphoxide (Applichem, Germany) 500ml
MB010 Dodecylsulphate, sodium salt (see : Lauryl sulphate, sodium salt, SDS) 25gm 100gm
MB011 EDTA, disodium salt, dihydrate 100gm
MB059 Formaldehyde 37% (AppliChem, Germany) 500ml
MB012 Formamide (Liquid) Forms a clear colouriess solution in water (10%) 100gm
MB037 D-Glucose, anhydrous 100gm 500gm
MB060 Glycerol (Applichem, Germany) 500ml
MB013 Glycine 100gm 500gm
MB014 Guanidine hydrochloride 25gm 100gm
MB015 Guanidine thiocyanate (Guanidine isothiocyanate) 25gm 100gm
MB016 HEPES(see : N-[2-Hydroxyethyl]piperazine-N'-[2-ethanesulphonic acid]) 25gm 100gm
MB017 HEPES, sodium salt 25gm 100gm
MB018 HEPES, low sodium 25gm 100gm
MB061 Hexamine cobalt (III) chloride 5gm
MB019 Imidazole 25gm