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HEPA ( High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter ) Fitted Air Purifiers
HEPA ( High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter ) Fitted Air Purifiers
HEPA ( High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter ) Fitted Air Purifiers indispensible for
Hospital Rooms / Wards ICUs / ICCUs Surgical Theatres
Nursing Homes Consulting Rooms Rest Rooms
Biotechnology Laboratories Microbiology Laboratories Office Cabins
Waiting Rooms Flight Kitchens Hotel Rooms
HiAir Purifier System

Pathogens area health hazard in enlcosed work spaces as well as in living areas. Air conditioners are also one of the vehicles trapping and transfering microorganisms. The HiAir purifier system has been designed to absorb particulate matter, unpleasant smells, odours thus reducing bioburden. Further it sanitizes the air ultra violet dosing, ionizing nd filtering the air providing relief from stress ans freshens the air in the room

Causes of Stress

It has been observed that air in enclosed work spaces and lining areas gets contaminated due to various factors like human load, pets, dust, stale foods, foul breath, sweat, sweat soaked clothes and other unpleasant odours. Due to the unleasnt odours there is tendency towards irregular breathing, building up stress. This stress gets compounded due to positively charged atmosphere often as a result of electric fans and air conditioners or other electrical appliances and instruments. In such spaces where human inflow is large the bioburdenis often high, and sometimes uncontrollable, Persons already in stressed up conditions are still further affecteed. Overall result is exhaustion towards the end of the day

Uses of HiAir Purifier System

Particularly in hospitals where the diseased and the disease prone patients are brought together, and the possibility of contagion is greatly enhanced. for when body defenses ofa person are at a low, even mild infections can take a foothold and grow to life threatening proportions

Intensive Care Units - ICUs, Intensive Cardiac Care Units - ICCUs and surgical theatres, hospital rooms

Microbiology Laboratories, Production Units etc..

HiAir Purifier System has combined different air purifier systems in a single unit to achieve maximum purification of air even in a high bio-burden environment. Under controlled conditions it helps to drastically reduce the bioburden of the area which however need not be considered as a completely sterile area. Fumigation or any other simillar mode of sterilization is desirable to acheive sterility of area along with use of HiAir Purifier

The purifier has following components

Pre filter
Ionizer - (Ionic Air Purifier)
Carbon Activated Filter
UV filtering system
HEPA filter