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Code Product
CR002 Beef Extract, Certified - for the maximum recovery and growtg of a wide variety of microorganisms. It is usually incorporated in a concentration of 0.3% to 0.5% when combined with suitable peptones
CR008 Bile Salts, Certified - a specially manufactured extract of bile salts, prepared form fresh ox bile, is recommended as a selectively inhibitory agent in microbiological culture media
CR009 Bile Salts Mixture, Certified - recommended for use in microbiological culture media for selective isolation and cultivation of bile tolerant enteric bacteria
CR021 Bio Peptone, Certified - Provides a broad spectrum of peptites and amino acids which supports better microbiological growth characteristics of to a large variety of organisms
CR013 Casein Acid Hydrolsate Certified - recommended for use in culture media where microbiological growth is measured optocally, for example Antibiotic Assay Media
CR014 Casein Enzyme Hydrolysate Certified - Tryptone, rich in tryptophan and is used by a wide variety of microorganisms, recommended in a number of media such as Sterility Test Media, Diagnostic Media, Media for biochemical characterization etc..
CR012 Lactalbumin Hydrolysate, Certified - rich in essential amino acids and can be successfully used to supplement Tissue culture media where viral vaccines are produced
CR004 Malt Extract, Certified - Ideally suitable for use in media for cultivation of fungi
CR003 Meat Extract, Certified - Replaces the meat peptone which yields earlier and /or heavier growth of microorganisms, bulk production of antibiotics, enzymes and other biological preparations
CR006 Mycological Peptone, Certified - Nutritious source for the isolation, cultivation and identification of saprophytic and dermatophytic fungi-yeast and moulds
CR010 Ox Bile, Dried, Certified - Used in culture media as a selectively inhibitory agent
CR001 Peptone, Certified - recommended for source of nitrogen and growth factors in culture media, fermentation processes and biological preparations
CR005 Proteose Peptone, Certified - a highly nutritious ingredient employed in media used for bulk production of antibiotics, enzymes, bacterial toxins etc..
CR007 Soya Peptone, Certified - recommended in media that are required to support a short tag phase and smaller generation time to allow rapid luxuriant growth
CR015 Special Peptone, Certified - specially designed to maximize the growth of fastidious microoraganisms
CR014 Tryptone, Certified - see Casein enzyme Hydrolysate,certified
CR030 Tryptose, Certified - designed to promote luxuriant growth of highly fastidious microorganisms
CR027 Yeast Extract Powder, Certified - rich in vitamins, especially those belonging to B-comples and used particularly for cultivation of microorganisms