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Kjeldhal Dry Block Digestor
Kjeldhal Dry Block Digestors

Kjeldhal Dry Block Digestors

The Dry-Block Kjeldhal is an economical, compact, constant-temperature heating system suitable for Test tubes etc. Dry-Blocks are particularly suitable in the Laboratory for digestion, incubation, boiling and variety of Industrial application. the system comprises of a heater baser dry-Block of metal alloy provided with holes to accept 40 test tubes of 26 mm dia x 250 mm long / 20 test tube of 42 mm dia. x 290 mm long. Block heaters have been fixed at the base of the dry-block duly embossed. Temperature is maintained uniform throughout the bock. Temperature range upto 450ºC with the help of solid state digital temp. controller cum indicator.

Power 2 KW, Single Phase, 230 Volt 50 Hz.

Major Components:-
Kjeldhal thermostat digestion block.
Insert Rack tubes.
Insert Rack for condensor (Exhaust manifold)
Complete exhaust manifold
Two-tier console with spillage tray
O shape ring for condensor
Cooling pump (Water trap)
Kjeldhal lifting device