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Egg Incubators -  50 Eggs, 100 Eggs, 200 Eggs, 250 Eggs
Egg Incubators

Egg Incubators

Introduction:- Elegantly designed, fabricated and tested to suit various applications in ever growing field of Agriculture Colleges / Universities,, small and big potters, Hotels etc. for easy and convenient handling and hatching operation in research work.

Temperature range from ambient to 70ºC ± 0.5ºC controlled by imported thermostat. Most versatile and highly reliable for egg incubation. Specially designed with moisture control.

Outerbody is made of MS sheet, duly pre treated & finished with epoxy powder coated paint. It is highly insulated,. The inner chamber is made of aluminium sheet. Door is with double glass viewing windows to facilitate easy inspection of interior.

The chamber trays are provided with manual tilting mechanism.

Water tank is provided at bottom. It has small windows for filling water in it. Water heater is fixed in the tank. Air circulating fan ensure uniform temperature inside the chamber. Incubation is generally done at 37ºC or 56ºC. Temperature is controlled by imported thermostat. L-shaped thermometer provided on top front of cabinet.

Control Panel:- The tilting knob is provided on control panel, along with thermostat control knob, pilot light, main ON/OFF switch etc.

Working Principal:- As soon as the machine is put on the water is heated by water heater and the generated steam comes out through perforation on bottom of inner chamber and is sucked by air circulating fan through perforated egg trays.

Power Supply:- Equipment is suitable to work on 230 volts, 50 Hz, single phase, AC supply

Capacity:- 50 Eggs, 100 Eggs, 200 Eggs, 250 Eggs