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Steri Fermentors
Steri Fermentors

Steri Fermentors

The Fermentor vessel is made of Stainless steel and heated through steam heating system with electric element. Having opening lid on the top of vessel suitable for cleaning and filling purpose. The vessel fitted with pressure gauge pressure release valve disable at 17 psi pressure. Provided with in line filter for sterile incoming and outgoing air. Vessel is also provided with built in cooling coil for inlet and outlet of cold water. The inoculation port and sampling ports, one port fitted with temperature gauge. The entire fermentor assembly is covered with steam jacket having safety valve and auto pressure cutoff device.

Overall Capacity  : 140 lit.
Working Capacity : 100 lit.
Overall Capacity   : 280 lit
Working Capacity : 200 lit

Optional Accessories :-
Oil free compressor for supply of Air to fermentor for shaking