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Immuno Electrophoresis Apparatus
Immuno Electrophoresis Apparatus

Immuno Electrophoresis Apparatus

It is a Paper and thin layer electrophoresis apparatus.
It comprises of double walled migration cell.
Inner chamber is the buffer chamber fitted with platinum electrodes of 99.9% purity.
It has transparent lid provide with a handle.
The same chamber could be used for thin layer electrophoresis of glass plates coated with various absorbents are used in place of micro slides or paper strips carrier.
Filter paper wicks may be used for connecting both ends of each microslide to the buffer compartment.
Wicks cut from chromatography paper are used to make contact with the buffer.

Optional Accessories

(a) Gel Cutter
(b) Gel Tray Set
(c) Strach Gel Tray

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