Biovisual Charts and Models >> Storage Accessories for Dissection Animals
BMSA-1: Wide Mouth drums of plastic Fiberglass
Capacity in liters:20 35 50 90
BMSA-2: Galvanised Utility Storage Drums:-Made from thick G.I. sheet, having handle on both side and with half side open
Size:12 x 19" 18 x 15" 24 x 15
BMSA-3: Chloro forming vessels:-Wide mouth, with removable lid, made of G.I. sheet non rusting capacity 20 Lit.
BMSA-4: Long Forcep Stainless Steel 12" 15"
BMSA-5: Hand. Gloves:-Thick rubber pair, Asurgical Translucent pair
BMSA-6: Large Galavanized tray 20 x 15" with two handles to carry dissection. animal from store to laboratory
BMSA-7: Thick plastic Trays: sorting or carrying Dissection Animals and other lab uses.
Size: 6 x 8" 10 x 8" 12 x 10" 15 x 12"
BMSA-8: Formaldehyde-Bulk formaline pack 100% pure water white.
Pack- 5lit 30lit 90lit Note:­
Above Cost includes the cost of heavy polythene/ fibre glass drums