Biovisual Charts and Models >> Human Models - Made of Papermsh and Plaster of Paris
Human Models - Made of Papermsh and Plaster of Paris
Human Trunk Male or Female, Natural size and full dissectable organs
Human trunk on board Size 18” x 12”
Medium section on head-Showing the LS of brain and other parts.
Brain with skull-natural size on board
Brain-Natural Size, dissectable into 2 parts, 4 parts
Nervous System-Detailed on board 30” x 40”
Eye-dissectable in parts greatly enlarged cut in horizontal plane.
Eye with orbit
Eye with Muscles-Showing eyebail rectus obilique muscles, crenea iris
and pupil
Ear Model-Greatly enlarged with three dimensional cross-section
Lower Jaw- Teeth and the blood vessels expossed. The canine and
molar be taken apart.
Teeth Model- Shows 2 incisors, canine 2 molar and one grinder tooth
Human female pelvis with 9 month Baby. A detail model Nose-Three times enlarge mounted on board.
Skin- It shows various layers of tissue. On beard size large
Larynx- Greatly enlarged and a detailed model
Heart Model- (Two parts) with arteries and veins fully detailed model.
Heart Model- (Four parts) Large size
Lung with Heart and Larynx – Fully detailed model
Lungs – A set of two lungs laboratory dissected
Circulatory System-Blood vessel heart in two parts and left lung dissected.
Liver with Gall Bladder-Complete on board
Kidney Dissected-Showing Anatomy tubules in me dulla and ureter.
Digestive System-Large size model showing all organs.
Stomach- On Stand dissectable
Nervous system – Medium 30” x  12”
Human male reproductive­-system Human female reproductive­-system