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Plant Collection Sets
Cynophyceae Collection
Chlorophyceae Collection
Phaeophyceae Collection
Rhodophyceae Collection
Algae Collection
Caulerpa Collection
Fungi Collection
Rust Collection
Smut Collection
Phycomycetes Collection
Ascomycetes Collection
Basidiomycetes Collection
Deuteromycetes Collection
Viral Plant Collection
Lichens Collection
Bryophyta Types Collection
Mosses Collection
Pteridophyta Collection
Ferns Collection
Lycopodium Collection
Gymnosperm Collection
Gymnosperm female cone
Gymnosperm male cone Collection
Insestivorous Plants Collection
Parasitic Plants Collection
Bulbils Collection
Phylloclade Collection
Xerophytic Plants Collection
Hydrophytic Plants Collection
Recemose Inflorescence Collection
Cymose Inflorescence Collection
Special Inflorescence Collection
Capsular Fruits Collection;
Indehiscent Fruits Collection;
Fleshy Fruits Collection
Simple Fruits Collection
Aggregate Fruit Collection
Multiple Fruits Collection
Nuts Collection
Oil Seed Collection
Fibers Collection
Roots modification Collection
Stem modification Collection
Leaf Modification Collection Plant Kingdom Evolutionary Representing all groups from Bacteria to Angiosperm Mounted in Big size jar.