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Photographs of Famous Biologists - Onbromide Paper
Each photo Is provided with printed life sketch of the Biologist with full details of birth, education and outstanding work done In the field ofScience Size 14"x18"Laminated mount (Mounted on thick ply with resin covering) Affred Russel Wallace-Evoluotion
A-Luwenhock-Sketched bacteria
Birbal Sahni-Paleobotany
Charles Darwin-Evolution
Cari Von Linneaus-Classification
Dr. Mary-Famous scientist
Dr. Bhabha-Atomic
Edwin Ray lahcaster-Zoologist
George Mendel-Heridity
K.N. Bhal-Indian Zoologist
George Cuviet-paleontology
Lenardo-da-vinci- Fossils etc
Louise Pasteur-bacteriologists
Le-mont Lamark-Artificial breeding
Futher Brufank-Antise Ptic technique
Lord Lister-Antiseptic technique
Sir Ronal Ross-materia fighter
Sir Jagdish C. Bose-Life in plants
Sir James Simpson-Biologist
Sir Charies Beli-Reflex action
Thomas Henry Huxley-Evolution
William Harvey-Blood circulation