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Human Anatomy Unbreakable Fibre Glass Models
Human Sex less torso with head- (Made of unbreakable fibre glass). This full size sexless human torso is dissectable into fourteen parts. The brain can be lifted to show inner structure and is removable together with lf of the rib cage and costal cartilages. Removable organs include heart, stomach, liver, large intestine, small intestine, Human Youth Torso pancreas, bladder and kidney fixed on polished board.
Female torso with head- Same as      BHHFM-1 female but with organs fully dissectable.        
Male torso with head- Same as BMHFM-1 but with male organs fully dissectable.
Torso with head- Sexless small size (Fibre glass) detail same as above.
Human Heart- Fibre Glass unbreakable  model.
Human Eye- Fibre Glass unbreakable Model. (Eye with orbit) Human Heart
Human Ear- Fibre Glass Unbreakable Model.
Human Skin-Fibre Glass unbreakable
Human Lung- Fibre Glass unbreakable Model
Human Kidney-Fibre Glass unbreakable Model
Human Brain-Fibre Glass unbreakable Model
Human Head and Neck-Fibre Glass unbreakable Model
Human Repd. Male-Fibre Glass unbreakable Model
Human Repd. Female-Fibre Glass unbreakable Model
Human brain with skuil
Human Female Pelvis with baby Fibre Glass unbreakable Model
Human Lower jaw with teeth- Fibre Glass unbreakable Model
Human Dummy with Doll
Human Embryo Development Set of 9 models on stand
Human Female Pelvis
Human Circulatory Systems
Human Nervous System
Human Excretory System
Human Digestive System
Human Mouth
Human Liver
Human Spinal cords
Human Skull with Brain
Human Tongue
Teeth Model Large
Teeth upper lower jaw Large
Human Respiratory System
Human Nose
Teeth-set of 3
Human Dental Set-Lower Upper Jaw Large
Evolution of man-set 4
Animal cell under Electron microscope
Frog Digestive System Frog Arterial System
Frog Veinous System
Frog Male Urinogenital Organs
Frog Female Urinogenital Organs
Frog Brain
Frog Respiratory System
Life History of Frog
Frog Dissection
Frog Skin
Frog Heart
Frog Ear
Fish Dissection
Fish Dissection small
Life History of silk worm
Life History of House-fly
Life History of Mosquito
Life History of Honey-Bee
Life History of Butterfly
Life cycle of Tape worm
Rabbit- General Dissection
Cockroach- Circulatory System
Cockroach- Digestive System
Cockroach-Reproductive System
Earthworm- Circulatory System
Earthworm- Reproductive System
Earthworm-Nervous System
Earth worm-Dissection
Earthworm-Digestive System
Earthworm-Excretory System
Frog Buccal cavity
Frog Lungs
Frog Kidney
Tape worm