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Genetics and Molecular Models
ML. Models are natural coloured scientifically designed to give clear concept of the subject models are made of paper-machine, plaster of paris and lined with iron material
1. Typical plant cell under electron microscope- With full details showing all contents.
2. Generalised plant cell- as seen under high power of microscope
3. Typical chromosome-Detail as seen under electron microscope
4. Mitochondrion.
5. Mito is Set of 10 Models-It consists of models of the following stages:
(1) Resting Nucleus (2) Prophase (3) Late prophase (4) Metaphase
(5) Anaphase (6) Late anaphase (7) Telophase (8) Late Telophase
(9) Daughter Cells (10) A detailed Cell
Each model is on a separted stand-full set
6. Meiosis Set 10 Models
(1) Letpotene (2) Zygotene (3) Pachytene (4) Diplotene(5) Daikinesis
(6) Mataphase-I (7) Anaphase I (8) Telophase-I (9) Metaphase-II (10) Telophase- II All models are mounted individually on separated stand.
7.Types of Chromosomes In show case