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Genetics and Molecular Bio Models
Models are natural coloured scientifically-designed to give clear concept of the subject. Models are made of paper and plaster of paris lined with iron material.
1. Typical cell under electron microscope-with full details as seen under microscope.
2. Generalised animal cell-as seen under high power
3. Typical Chromosome-Detail as seen under microscope
4. Mitochondria-Organelle represent as a sac with in sac.
5. Mitosis set of 10 Models-it consists of the following stages:
Resting cell.
Late Prophase
Late Anaphase
Late Telophase
Daughter cells
A detailed call each on separate stand
6. Meosis Set of 10 Models
First Meiotic Division
Second Meiotic Division,
Early Diakensis
Secondary Spermatocyte
Egg and Polar Bodies.
All models are mounted individually on separate stand.
7. Types of Chromosomes in show case
DNA Set (Models)
8. DNA Model-(Watson-Crick). It consists of following 4 models, Price-Full Set
Double Helical Structure of DNA- Ladder like twisted double helical
Biological Structure of DNA. It shows part of two sugar- phosphate chains connected with each other with nitrogenous base
Linking of Nucleotides-It is working model to show how thymine links with Adenine and Cytosine with Guanine
Replicating DNA- This model show the mecf1anism of duplication
Structure of RNA Model
9. Structure of RNA Model-Set of following three models. Price Full set
Helical Structure of RNA-It is ladder like, twisted spirally, suggested by Watson and Crick
Linking of Nucleotides-It is working Model to show URACIL links with adenine and
Cytosine with guanine
RNA mechanism of protein synthesis-Explains different steps in the formation of protein and role of RNA with in a cell
10. Animal cell types-A set of 8 models showing types of cells kinds from human tissue consists of:
Squamous epithelium
Cubodial epithelium
Columner epithelium
Ciliated epithelium
Bone cell
Smooth muscles
Striated muscles
Nerve cells complete set