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General Zoology Plastic Models
Animal cell under ordinary microscope
Animal cell under electron microscope
Animal mitosis
Animal meiosis-phase I
Animal meiosis-phase II
DNA Helix
DNA Duplication
DNA Template and RNA Molecule
RNA Hairpin
DNA t RNA & m RNA Protein synthesis
Skeletal tissue
Connective tissue
Muscular tissue I (Plain, Striated Cardiac)
Muscular tissue II (Voluntary)
Nervous tissue
Types movement their control
Types of glands
Spinal reflex
Conduction of Nerve impulse (Motor pathways)
Frog- General dissection
Frog-Skeletal system
Frog- Arterial system
Frog- Venous system
Frog- Nervous system
Frog- Digestive system
Frog- Respiratory system
Frog- Urinogential system male
Frog- Urinogential system female
Frog- Eat
Frog- Skin
Frog- Brain
Frog- Heart
Frog- Development in 15 stages
Rabbit- General dissection
Rabbit, Arterial system Rabbit- Venous system Rabbit- Digestive system Rabbit- Circulatory system
Rabbit- Urinogential system male
Rabbit- Urinogential system female
Earthworm general system
Earthworm Digestive system
Earthworm excretory system
Earthworm circulatory system
Earthworm nervous system
Earthworm reproductive system
Paramoecium structure
Paramoecium sexual and asexual cycle (Large)
Amoeba proteus structure
Amoeba proteus engulfing of food
Amoeba proteus divison
Hydra general dissection
Hydra LS
Hydra TS
Hydra locomotion
Cockroch- Circulatory System
Cockroch- Digestive System
Cockroch- Reproductive System
Types of Mosquito
Silkworm -LH
Ruminating animal (sheep)-stomach
Fish - General dissection
Aves- General dissection
Insect- General model
Human Blood Circulatory System
Human Digestive System
Human Respiratory System
Human Nervous System
Human Skeleton
Human Head and Neck
Human Skin
Human Mouth
Human Tongue
Human Teeth
Human StomachHuman Kidney
Human Brain
Human Heart
Eye on stand dissectable in 7 parts
Human Ear
Human Male Pelvis
Human Female Pelvis
Human Reproductive Organs (Female)
Human Reproductive Organs (Male)
Human Lung
Human Skull
Human Excretory System
Human body
Female Pelvis with child
Development from a single cell to Body
Chromosomes of man and sex determination
Epithelial Tissues (Squamous cuboidal & Columnar)
Skeletal Tissue
Nervous Tissue
Connective Tissue
Types of Glands
Blood cells
Endocrine System-Male
Endocrine System-Female
Trunk with Heart