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Calamites T.S. Complete round Stem with over 25 vascular bundles each showing distinct carinal canal.
Calamites T.S. with branch in association
Stylocalamits T.S.
Young Calamites T.S
Extremely young calamites with all cells of the pith intact, carinal canals just making their first appearance and x 2 represented only by about a dozen secondary tracheics.
Annualaria T.S.
Annualaria- Several
Calamites Roots
Astromyelon-pith fully developed.
Calamites Root-pitch fully developed.
Calamostachys Binneya T.S.
Calamostachys Binne-yana L.S.
Calamostachys Americana
Asterocalamites leaves branching.
Protocalamites T.S. with CPX on the inner side of protoxylem.
Arthropitys T.S.
Arthrodendron T.S.
Calamodendron Showing charactristic med rays, parenchyma in the middle flanked by thicker cells.
Neo-calamites T.S
Calamites Sporangia
Sphenophyllum Plurifoliatum T.S. stem
Sphenophyllum Plurifoliatum T.S. root
Spllenophyllum leaf T.S
Sphenophyllum Conepart
Bowmanites Cone