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Dissected and Labelled Specimens
Cockroach General Anatomy
Cockroach Nervous System
Electric organ of Electricray
Earthworm general Anatomy
Frog Cranial Nerve
Frog General Anatomy
Frog Arterial System
Frog Venous System
General Anatomy of Rat
Leech General Anatomy
Leech Nervous System
Prawn Nervous System
Prawn Digestive System
Pila Nervous System
Pila Reproductive System
Poisonous Gland of Cobra
Pigeon Digestive System
Pigeon General Anatomy
Pigeon Flight Muscles
Rat Nervous System
Rat Digestive System
Rat Respiratory System
Rat Neck Nervous
Rat Arterial System
Rat Venous System
Respiratory organ Anabas
Respiratory organs Clarius fish
Respiratory organ Ophiocephalus fish
Scoliodon Cranial Nerves
Scoliodon Afferent Vessels
Scoliodon Efferent Vessels
Scoliodon internal ear in Situ
Scoliodon Nervous System
Scorpion Male Repd. Organs
Scorpion Female Repd. Organs
Union Nervous System
Octopus Nervous, System
Sepia nervous System
Loligo Nervous System
Mytilus Nervous System