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Classification of plant kingdom- set of 20
Botany for beginner- Set of 20
Leaves -Set of 1 3
Inflorescence in plants­ set of 12
Plant histology- Set of 40
Plant histology- set of 25
Insectivorus and Parasitic plants - Set of 20
Bacteria, Algae and fungi­-Set of 20
Family of higher plants set of 30
Dispersal of seed and fruits-Set of 25
Vegetative reproduction in plants Set of10
Plant anatomy-Set of 20
Plant cell division-Set of 15
Flower - Set of 10
Kinds of Roots- Set of 15
Fruits classification-set of 15
Seeds germination (Maize, gram)-Set of 10
Ferns- Set of 10
Pollination- Set of 10
Water Plants- Set of 10
Types of Stems- Set of 10
Seed germination (pea and Castor etc.) Set of 10
Life history of mucor and Fungi-Set of 8
Flower and Flower plants-Set of 20
Algae-Set of 12
Fungi-Set of 8
Eryophyta-Set of 4
Pteridophyta-Set of 8